Recruiting Loan Officers

Recruit the top-performing loan officers across the US and grow your team faster than you thought possible!




We use a combination of the latest SaaS products and cutting-edge market data to recruit nothing but the best LO’s for your team. Hire us to recruit for your team today!

Automated Outreach

Leverage outbound automation to grow your network and spark meaningful conversations. All with fancy AI detection!

Daily AI CRM Integration

Manage and monitor all your prospects in one place: Daily AI

You’ll be able to track each lead and where they are throughout the pipeline.

Data Aggregation

Convert your candidates into top producing LO’s for your team. Inbound leads should feel like magic!

Lead Scoring

Use our AI software to distinguish between regular Loan Officers and a $20 million dollar producer!

The Recruiting Process


Smart Targeting

Leverage our data aggregation to begin networking with targeted Loan Officers

Utilize Outbound

Our software engages via Email, Social Media, & SMS to get in front of top producers in your area

AI Suggestions

We use lead scoring to determine who you should be talking with, eliminating the need to do… anything!

We have flexible pricing!

Stop over-paying your recruiter! You can cut the costs IN HALF by using Recruitable to grow your team. We provide flexible pricing plans for each member and custom campaigns for each goal.


Perfect for finding referral partners
$ Monthly
  • CRM Software
  • LinkedIn Integrations
  • Data Aggregation
  • Lead Scoring

Team Building

Recruit LO's & grow your team!
$ Monthly
  • CRM Software
  • LinkedIn Integrations
  • Data Aggregation
  • Lead Scoring
  • Call Support

Join the Best,

Be the Best

We work with some of the largest mortgage loan companies in the US. So why not let us recruit for your team?


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Customer Reviews

Dan Beer
Dan BeereXp Realty
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I've used Recruitable for years to grow one of the largest teams of real estate agents within eXp!
Jordan Bass
Jordan BassSalesflow
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We love the Ai software that Recruitable provides alongside their service package. Some of the best NLP tech I've seen!
Kyle Hall
Kyle HallSwvl
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We've made some of our best hires using Recruitable. At a startup, that's everything!.


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